I kinda want to go as Mojo Jojo

But I also kinda want to go as Wuya

Mojo Jojo will require sweating to death

Wuya will require me explaining to all my friends who I am

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As if mentioning Bradley wasn’t enough they decided I need to see a picture of him while Stacey reminiscences.

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biggest plot twist in all of history

*patiently waits 34787894745 years for sequel*

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Carrie has got to stop putting herself into situations where she knows things that could prove her theory but can’t actually admit these things. Carrie, Carrie, Carrie…

Now, Carrie is either so good at pretending to be interested in Brody or is so good at pretending her interest in him is purely work related. I don’t even know

I love how homeland is a very serious show and all the characters at the forefront are deep and murky

And then there’s characters like Virgil and his brother who come out with little quips and funny behaviour that brightens up the rooms they walk into.

They don’t even feel out of place and I love this show for this reason.

I love the fact the CIA are all about their crayons.

Jane, you didn’t come here this late to drop off cannoli.

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make me choose → anonymous asked: merlin worried arthur or arthur worried about merlin

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welcome to the UK where there’s a whole storyline and website due to a joke that started 4 years ago about how market sounds like meerkat

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#TVD Season 6 Poster!! ❤️ (at TVD Season 6 )

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It’s, um.. a single moment that takes you out of yourself. Makes you feel very tiny, or very large. To some extent one with life, or nature, or god.  Like seeing all the pieces of a puzzle fit together.

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